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A Tale of Lies and Love

Hello and Welcome - Attachment disorder is sometimes present in some adopted and foster children. These children often come from families in which early trauma prevailed. Now, even though freed from those settings, the trauma remains often in the form of attachment disorder and attachment issues. What guides the parent in trying to deal effectively with the child’s unexplained negative behaviors?

The Forever Child is a series of tales that are designed for use by parents and therapists as a tool to assist children in dealing with early abuse and neglect. The first three tales also provide a parenting guide.

While the tales illustrate a number of the behaviors that are often seen in children with a history of early trauma, the guides provide an analysis of the root causes of these behaviors as well as step-by-step assistance for the parent.

All parents need stories they can share with their children to help generate interest in their backgrounds. Traditionally, foster and adoptive parents have had few choices in children’s tales that are specifically geared towards their child’s early life before adoption. The Forever Child series can meet this need for many families.

It is especially helpful to have the tales read aloud to the child and it is important for parents to read the tale first to determine if it is appropriate for a particular child and situation. Adults who have already shared the tales with their children have reported that they have served as a springboard for many meaningful discussions about birth families and birth history.


Nancy A. Clark, MFT is a retired therapist in the State of California and a seasoned fairy tale writer. She has worked with children suffering from traumatic backgrounds for over 20 years. She was employed as a therapist by one of the largest inner-city school districts in Southern California. Ms. Clark, a foster parent, has four grown daughters and has adopted a daughter with an early exposure to trauma.

B. Bryan Post is an internationally recognized expert in the treatment of adopted children who have experienced trauma and neglect. An adopted child himself he knows firsthand the driving emotions behind the troubling behaviors demonstrated by some adopted children.

In addition to having published numerous clinical/parenting articles and having produced videos on this topic, Bryan Post lectures throughout the United States on understanding and treating attachment disorders in children. He is the founder and director of the Post Institute.

The authors are available for private lectures and book signings. Contact Nancy Clark.



The Forever Child: A Tale of Lies and Love

The Forever Child: A Tale of Anger and Fear

The Forever Child: A Tale of Loss and Impossible Dreams


From the Forever Child Series

Family Secrets: A Tale of Silence and Shame



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